Benefits of Yawning

Yawning is something that happens spontaneously when people have let go of tension or released a blockage.

1) It contributes to oxygenation of the body system and increases the oxygen content in the blood.

2) Helps exhale impurities from the body and lungs.

3) Helps keep the critical balance of oxygen to carbon dioxide in the body and blood.

4) Expands the rib cage and over time helps the lungs to become more efficient.

5) Relaxes the whole body and mind.

6) Cures the unconscious and helps open the communications gate between conscious and unconscious processes in the body.

7) Could cure for unconscious, tune in to making dramatic changes in the mind/body systems.

8) Often leads to a pleasant abreaction as stress is released.

9) Opens several of the secondary energy systems.

10) Said by the Masters of the Ageless Wisdom to open several minor chakras.

11) Encourages a free flow of energy through the meridians.

12) Massages the ears and loosens wax thereby improving hearing.

13) Opens the jaw and massages many of the vital points in the face and in the lymphatic system.

14) Yawning loosens and tones the big jaw muscles and allows the neck and throat muscles to relax.

15) Has a balancing effect on a variety of glands; thyroid and parathyroids, hypothalamus, pineal and pitutary may all benefit.


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