Healthful “Don’ts”

The following things are bad for everyone and when combined can cause disease:

  • Excessive sugar and carbs (Even natural sugar found in fruit). Since the body converts grains to sugar, it’s really best to avoid additional sugar when possible
  • Artificial sweeteners and preservatives. Diet soda is horrible for you. It leeches calcium and other nutrients from your body and replaces then with dangerous chemicals
  • Drinking with your meals. Seems many conditions (allergies, sinus, skin conditions, etc.) are actually caused by digestive issues. If your body doesn’t, or can’t, digest your food, you cells can’t get what they need. Drinking with meals dilutes your enzyme production and prevents proper digestion. As we age, we produce less enzymes, so this is really important
  • Drinking cold drinks. Your body is supposed to be and wants to be 98.6 degrees. Cold stuff constricts the normal flow if nutrients to the cells and uses the body’s available energy to warm it up instead of doing more important things.
  • Eating on the run or while doing other things. Again, if the body is not relaxed when you eat, it will not digest properly and rob your system of the nutrients it needs.
  • Household chemicals. Products like Clorox and Lysol kill germs but poisoning them. Those same ingredients slowly poison us. In many cases, the damage caused by the products is far more detrimental than those caused by the germs! Everyone like s a clean house, but there are safer products to use (I will offer suggestions at the end)
  • Prescription drugs. Be very wary and only take if absolutely necessary. You hear all the “possible side effects” they list, that is because they have caused those in other people. While the chances may be small that it will affect you that way, the combination of them with other bad things could be the tipping point. Additionally, drugs do not cure anything, they simply mask symptoms. In some cases they make things worse down the road by forcing what ever caused the symptoms in the first place deeper into your system and it will grow and manifest itself in a worse way down the road. There are natural antibiotics and blood pressure reducers that actually cure the cause.
  • Stress. Easier said than done, for sure. Try to question whether something is in your control or not, and if not, let it go. If it is, decide how much energy is worth spending on it. Give it your best shot and move on.

I am not suggesting that you radically change your lifestyle or break the bank, but for most people with healthy families, a little awareness and moderate changes in habits can help keep you healthy.


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