“If you do just one thing to change the world, go organic.”

Organic Manifesto, by Maria Rodale – a must read!

This extremely well researched, well written book is essential reading for anyone on the fence about whether or not to buy organic food, or just doesn’t understand the rationale behind why some do. Maria Rodale, the author, grew up with the foundation that organic gardening is the key to better health both for us and for the planet. She sheds a new light on the state of 21st century farming, examining alliances that have formed between the chemical companies that produce fertilizer and GMO seeds and the agricultural educational system that is virtually subsidized by those same companies. She includes excerts from interviews with government officials, doctors, scientists, and farmers from coast to coast. Chemical-free farming may be the single most effective tool we have to protect our environment and, even more important, our health and the proof is right here!


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