Flavored Stevia Drops – my latest obsession!

You know the expression about the next best thing since sliced bread . . . well SweetLeaf Stevia® Sweetener could be it! Stevia is a plant which is very sweet and can easily replace sugar or honey that spike your insulin levels which wreaks havock with your hormones, and feed bacteria, viruses and disease. It can also easily replace artificial sweeteners that have been linked to causing disease and weight gain.  SweetLeaf claims it’s the only 100% natural stevia sweetener with zero calories, zero carbohydrates and zero glycemic index on the market today, and contains no chemicals or artificial ingredients to interfere with its pure, sweet taste. It’s processed using only cool, purified water and the nice woman I spoke with in their customer service department assured me that they do not contain any GMOs. Other stevia sweeteners may use chemicals, solvents or alcohols (such as methanol and ethanol) in their extraction process, leaving residue requiring masking agents or flavoring compounds to disguise them. This can result in a harsh aftertaste.

And speaking of taste, they make liquid drops that come in a variety of flavors. I have personally tried several and just ordered 3 more. I use the vanilla one all the time instead of vanilla extract and the English toffee and chocolate raspberry in plain yogurt (less sugar), protein shakes, oatmeal, and baking. I just ordered the lemon, root beer and grape to mix with plain, and cheap soda water for flavored soda with no sugar. It also comes in unflavored for use in sweet tea, hot coffee, and other things when you just want a bit of sweetness.

A little bottle is about $12, but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s expensive. You only need a tiny amount and there’s like 800 servings per bottle! If kept refrigerated, it lasts a couple of years. This post was inspired by my friend Ken, who will hopefully be saying  goodbye to sugar real soon!


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