Which Produce to Buy Organic?

Ofcourse buying all organic  produce would be best, but most of us can’t find and can’t afford to do that. Lucky for us, The Environmental Working Group (Independent/non-profit) has put together two helpful lists.

1) The Dirty Dozen – indicating the 12 worse items with regard to heavy pesticide

2) The Clean 15 – indicating the cleanest, with regard to pesticide, that you may not have to buy organic.

I highly recommend checking out their website and watching the short videos with Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. Sanja Gupta.  Another handy thing I found is a smart phone app called “Organic Diet Buddy” which lets you quickly check right from the Produce Dept.  or Farmer’s Market. It even helps you locate farmer’s markets in your area!

I want to stress that all the doctors/sources I have consulted all recommend the benefits of eating fruits in veggies (even conventional, non-organic) far outweigh the risk of the pesticides that might be ingested while eating them.


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