Ingredients Are Way More Important Than Calories

If you’re reading this blog to get tips on being healthy, then you probably don’t frequent McDonalds (or similar) all that often. Yay! But if you do, I wanted to share what I learned from  The Food Babe’s post because I agree wholeheartedly and  hope  you’ll share with the people you care about. Especially those with kids, because all these dangerous chemicals effect little ones the most. In an effort to promote their “healthiness,” McDonalds will now be sharing calorie count information. But what we REALLY need to know is information like the fact that they are putting hidden msg, carcinogenic caramel coloring and corn syrup in their “100% Angus Beef Patty.”  Calories mean nothing when the ingredients are horrific, and eating fewer of them will NOT make you healthier!


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