Product Review: Hydros Bottle

I have a water filter on my faucet at home and hate buying bottles of water when I’m out or going to the gym, but don’t really believe that using a water fountain (“bubbler”) is that sanitary. I always thought it would be a great idea to add a filter to a refillable water bottle so you can enjoy fresh, clean water wherever you are, but hadn’t really looked much into it. So clearly – when I saw the Hydros Bottle booth at the Expo, I got super excited! They explained to me how the product works as well as some unique features that enhance the concept (BPA free, filters fast, dishwasher safe, etc). I took one home to try, but unfortunately was a bit let down with the functionality. There are two areas to twist on the bottle, the very top twists for opening and closing the mouth piece, and another area below it twists for opening and closing the area to input the ‘dirty’ water. Once the bottle or your hands get wet, it’s VERY difficult to twist both sections. It also does not fit well under a water fountain without having to stop and let it filter down multiple times before the bottle is full. Once it’s full and the twisted sections are lined up accordingly, it’s great, however it doesn’t hold as much water as traditional bottles because the filter takes up some room too. Try one out and let us know what you think!