Explanation For Long Absence

Hi All,

I’d like to explain and apologize for our long absence. As you know, we were posting regularly and then left to attend the Natural Products Expo in Baltimore. We planned to review many products we discovered at the show and share lots more tips. Well, here’s what happened . . . I flew up from NC, Samantha flew down from MA and we met at the Baltimore airport. After a long hug (hadn’t seen each other in a couple of months), Sam surprised me with the news (and the beautiful ring) that she and my wonderful son-in-law to be, Shawn, had gotten engaged! We had a great time at the show, discovered lots of amazing products and have been slowly sampling them ever since. However, as anyone with wedding planning experience knows, it is very time consuming! And, since the day we left the show almost all of our conversations (several a day) have been wedding related, leaving no time for our blog.

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Until now.  I am happy to share with you that the majority of the wedding plans are set and I just started a Health Coach program with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition! I will be busy with school work but will be learning lots of interesting things I can share, as I go through the course. And, Sam continues to create delicious, healthy recipes. So, thank you for your patience and look forward to more tips on the blog, more often! So, thank you for your patience and look forward to more tips, more often!