Passage Foods Sauces – 2 Thumbs UP!

4556I received a package of sauces from Passage Foods to taste and review. They manufacturer international cooking sauces and aim to let people indulge in exotic flavors and aromas at home. All their  products are gluten free, and provide a healthy solution for people with busy schedules. Each package contains the premixed sauce and instructions (type of meat/veggies) to make a recipe.

My absolute favorite has to be the Thai Basil and Sweet Chili sauce! I was definitely surprised at how fresh the basil tasted, and loved the slight kick of the chili at the end. Each of the other sauces I tried were rated ‘mild’ and had more of a sweet note at the end. There is a good variety of flavor options and spice levels for everyone in a household. Though I followed the recipes on the back of the package the first time I made them, I was getting ideas as I ate my dinners for other delicious dishes to incorporate the sauces in.

I HIGHLY recommend these sauces to anyone looking for a healthy alternative to quick meals. So many of us are super busy and rushed and find it hard to find time to prepare a restaurant-tasting meal.  I could eat them daily over all different types of things, and they’re even great with just vegetables for vegetarians. These were very easy to prepare and tasted amazing, not to mention making my apartment smell delicious as well. I am looking forward to trying additional flavors!

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