Loving What I’m Learning!

you are what you eat2

Just reviewing my notes from school (The Institute for Integrative Nutrition) and was reminded of some key things I’ve learned and wanted to share. The most important, being the concept of bio-individuality. Everyone is different and what works well for some, may not for others. For instance, there are many healthy Vegans out there as well as many others who get weak and sick without consuming animal products. Other reminders include how the quality of our food and advice from the FDA has made us (as a nation) sicker in recent decades. The food pyramid told us to consume lots of carbs/grains, little fat, and lots of dairy for strong bones. Unfortunately, following that advice we are now heavier, sicker and have more bone fractures. I was reminded how important Vitamin D (not really a vitamin, but a hormone) really is since every organ in the body has Vitamin D receptors and people with almost every disease test low for it. The good news is that eating more whole, real food, especially veggies can turn your health and potential risk for disease around. Turns out genetics are not as much of an indicator for future health as once thought. And the power of food to change cells/DNA is now widely recognized. There is also something to be said for food made at home and with love. I know that sounds corny, but your energy and the energy of the environment changes the energy of the food. You just don’t know if your restaurant has people preparing your food who are sick, overworked, angry, etc. and you probably don’t want their negative energy in your family’s food. The same way you probably don’t want meat with hormones and antibiotics from sick cows/chickens, raised in poor conditions, in your body.  The food you eat becomes your blood, and your blood creates your cells, tissues, hair, thoughts, feelings, etc. You are largely what you eat and specifically what your body assimilates. Don’t get me started on transfats and artificial colors and preservatives. I’ll save that for a future post 🙂